selena. ♥ (asianized_x) wrote,
selena. ♥

so it's exam time already..

Wow, time goes by really quick. Like honestly... even my "semi-friends only" post's date has passed this year. I had set it for 3 or 4 years ahead or something, and it has finally passed on July 17, 2012 haha.

Anyways, the first term of university is nearly over! Just 5 exams -- 12 more days until it's all done and I can rest!
Although... I'm still quite the procrastinator haha. Need to get ontop of all this studying and stay in my BBA program =_=

Was just reminiscing about the good ol' LJ (and fandom) days with mint_chocolate5 .

I was originally planning on revamping the journal during winter break, but I thnk i'm just going to start on a brand new journal.
Fresh starts motivate me to update more LOL.

Anyways, good luck to all you guys on f-list that have exams going on! miss y'all <3

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