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i recently accepted my offer to WLU

so hi there.
i have a calc test and an accounting test tomorrow and i'm fucking screwed for both of them, so i have no motivation to study anymore. (i've been doing accounting for 2.5 days now. my beautiful long weekend was spent inside. sobs)

but anyways.
with all my university rantings over the past year or so (lol what little i have posted here has always been school rants for the past 2 years anyways), so i decided to let f-list know that yay, i'm going to university. 

thank god i did well in grade 11, otherwise i wouldn't have gotten into this one. (87% required, i haven't been doing too hot in school this year ahaaha. i only had an 84% midterm second semester...bleh.)

i originally wanted to go to this super pretty uni with castle-like buildings's more of a science school opposed to a business one, so i decided to just go to the small, gray and dreary business school haha. it has a great student body though!

so yeah. nonetheless, i am super stoked to go to uni. sure, harder courses. scary. lol. i was afraid high school would be hard, but i survived didn't i? i'm sure i'll get adjusted to the knew ways of studying hah.

i'm just excited to get out of high school. everyone says these are the best 4 years of our lives.....but i would like to disagree. if these were my best 4 years, then my life is pretty sad.

though, i did meet many valuable friends.

but it's time to start anew! i can't wait. :)

Tags: !school, real life update
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